Leather Styles and Brushes

Hello all!  I've created a fantastic bunch of styles and brushes - this time Leather is the theme.  I think I was inspired by the movie "True Grit" that is out right now.

Obviously I love the old version with John Wayne but the remake should be pretty good.  In any case I created these so that you can create a really worn and leathery feel to your type, object or if you want you can use the brushes and make backgrounds or use the for your texturing needs in 3D etc.

Let me know if you like them or if you can - please post a comment with a link to your creations that you make.

These styles and brushes were made in CS5 - so I have no idea if they work in previous versions of Photoshop but normally they should work for versions as far back as CS1.

Click to download Leather styles and brushes:

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