Photoshop Totally HOT Car Paint Styles

Today I saw a tutorial on how to make car paint materials for 3DS Max and thought "Gee - why should 3D artists have all the fun?"

So I went and made some really cool Car Paint styles that all of you can use in your designs etc.  There are 17 different styles in this pack and they look smokin!  Very glossy, very iridescent rainbow-y kinda paint effect.  I think they will work well for just about any car site or futuristic interface.  The sky's the limit.

Have fun with them and please share your creations.  I would love to see what people make from them.  They are free to use both commercially and personal use - however, if you want to share the love LINK to here and do not under any circumstances redistribute without my express permission (otherwise I'll send the Photoshop gremlins to get you).

You may download them here:  CarPaint Styles by Suztv

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