Free Ice Photos

Not that I'm trying to detract from my own posts but I wanted to share some resources (i.e. images) of ice that I've found on my favorite two free stock sites. 

Now free doesn't mean you can redistribute as-is, it means you can use in your designs, creations etc.  However some of the images may have further restrictions - so please respect the photographer and ask if they require that stipulation.

Icicles - Lots of them, from all sorts of angles and in all sorts of weather.  I've chosen three to show here but peruse around, there are so many more.

by revelator

Click here to download: Icicles by revelator

by Lazy_lobster

 Click here to download: Icicles by Lazy lobster


 Click here to download: Icicles by wendeehawn

Frost - This icey feature seems to be everywhere and in every form possible.  Below are three pics that I think you can get the most mileage out of but don't stop there.  Please look around, it's nipping at your heels and nose.  Can't you feel it?

Ice 3 Uploaded by brokenarts

 Click here to download:  Ice 3

Winter wonderland by stadje

Click here to download: Winter Wonderland

Frost by Irish_Eyes

Click here to download: Frost

Snow - Snow mounds, globs, flakes you name it - and it exists.  Below I've listed two different images that I thought were really cool.

Snow Texture by penywise

Click here to download: Snow Texture

Winter 08 Uploaded by scataudo

Click here to download: Winter 08

Ice - In all it's forms ice is a cross between magical and somewhat scary force of nature.  Below are several images that should freeze you in your tracks. Lol.

Ice Crystals 1 by bjearwicke

Click here to download: Ice Crystals
Ice by Kconners

Close up of Ice Feathers by Horde

Icewall by kconners

Click here to download: Ice

Click here to download:  Ice Feathers

Click here to download: Icewall

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