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Okay peeps.  I' am going to attempt to give you a weekly "Best of the Web".

This is my interpretation of links, items and other stuff I get during the week.  It will be a mish-mash of digital painting, motion design, 3D, design and other stuff not generally talked about in one blog post.  I'll try to limit the findings to 10 but who knows how long that will last.  Please take a look, peruse and have your brain go ape-shit like mine because I don't limit the amount of stuff that goes in.  It's a little odd at times, you begin to see correlations from one genre to another.

Anyway below is my top ten from the past week or so.  Enjoy!

 Design Juices • by TaraHornor
30 Fantastic Fantasy Illustrative Digital Art Forest Scenes
Brilliant illustrators know how to capture the magic of imagination or an exaggeration of reality to really appeal to the creativity in us all, landscapes of woods and forests allow lots of room for an artistic touch.

Design Shack
10 Ways Photoshop Actions Can Improve Your Workflow
7 Photoshop actions are an extremely easy way to automate all of the mundane daily tasks that have made their way into your design workflow. Whether you’re in web or print design, odds are there are a few repetitive...

Best Design Options
 Having smooth and flawless skin has become an obsession for many people. With modern medical technologies and procedures, this has become easier to achieve. However, you could still get smooth and flawless skin without undergoing some expensive medical procedures--using Photoshop. This time around, we pool together the best skin texture Photoshop brushes that you can use for skin retouching.

Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Graphics Tutorials |
HDR Panorama Planet
PreviewThe “Polar Panorama Effect” takes a panoramic (or landscape) photo and uses the Polar Coordinates filter of Photoshop CS or The Gimp to create a circular image that seems to wrap the panorama around a planet. Click here to see the rest of the tutorial! 

Design Shack
Mastering User Attention With Feng-Gui
4 Today we’re going to discuss the importance of intentionally directing user attention to the portions of the page merit it most. We’ll discuss how people are prone to read a page and how we can bend that tendency to our own will. We’ll also take a look at an awesome product that will enable you to get ...

3d video tutorials • by admin
 Zbrush Tutorial – Planar Line Techniques
yo thought I’d do a tut on this method of doing tension lines/ligaments and doing compression folds. Incoming search this monthzbrush planar (1)

 - PSDDUDE tutorials and resources
Over 50 Sand Textures Free Download
3 Textures and patterns are great resources for Photoshop and I like to use them a lot in my designs. That is why I constantly search for new and interesting textures. This collection gathers some of the most beautiful sand textures available for free on the internet.

BittBox • by Dustin Schmieding
 Free Texture Tuesday: Fur and Feathers
3 These 5 hi-res fur and feather textures come from scanning the materials used for creating fly fishing lures. Scanning these at high resolution really brings out some unique detail and surface quality that can’t be seen otherwise.

greyscalegorilla/blog • by The Gorilla
How To Model, Texture, and Light A Gumball Machine
3 In this tutorial I show you how to model, texture and light a simple gum-ball machine using primitive shapes and deformers. I also set up a dynamics system to fill the machine with gum balls and light the machine using HDRI and the Sky Sampler.

 Facebook Templates for Your Inspiration
You will find here useful and different because of their styles and purposes 15 Premium Facebook Templates that will be of a great help for your web site creation, being able to offer you ready images and creative godsends. (View This Tutorial)

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