New Freebie for AfterEffects - Lighter Flame

Made this today and I thought I would share. You need Paricular 2 and AfterEffects CS4 - however I'll post the settings and such so that if you only have Particular 1.5 and or AE CS3 you might be able to use it. Enjoy!

Right-Click and "Save File as" to download:

AE File: Lighter Flame

Seamless Frost Texture

Yep! I did another... This time I made this based on the ArcticGale brushes. pretty easy to accomplish just by using the frosthoar brush and offsetting the image a few times. 

If you like this texture then you should download the ArcticGale brushes set and make a few of your own.
 Click here to buy the Arctic Gale brushes and start making your own winter designs! 

Fire Opal Seamless Texture

Here's another seamless texture - this time Opal.

Hope you can use it and have fun!

I've found that playing with layer styles in Photoshop enables some interesting effects. Use the different modes available to really bring out those iridescent colors!

Don't miss out on some of the other great layer styles and brushes available on my blog:

Free Rose Quartz seamless texture

Here's another seamless gemstone texture. Hope you use it and have fun with it...
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Free Turquoise seamless texture

While perusing on the internet - I was unable to find a seamless tiling Turquoise texture. Even just a turquoise texture is hard to find.

Yes - you can find all sorts of jemstone and other images, but that does me and every other 3D or CG artist no good. So I made one. Well, two actually. 

These are great for use on your 3D meshes or for Photoshop stuff. Seamless tiling texture of turquoise - one regular and the other with gold. Have fun with it and if you really care - please link back! :)

- Check out the other freebies & resources available -

Photoshop Fire brushes FREE!

Thoroughly heated and extremely volatile Photoshop brushes - flames, thermal eddies, fire whips, explosions and combustion will be under your control as you open up the earths core with this brush pack.

52 different flames and explosions are in this pack, but wait just a second! These aren't just "Image Stamps" a majority of the brushes are dynamic and create unique images that will certainly make your art stand out from the others!

I just found out today that my stuff has been ripped! Please do not download from anywhere but the payloadz link I've provided. The Russian site that I found it on is full of malware and could hurt you. Here is the link to get the entire set for free:

Free Photoshop 18MB Gingerbread resource pack

Complete resource pack for all the Gingerbread goodness you can muster! Photoshop styles, brushes, patterns etc. Also included are 3D rendered or drawn elements for use in your theme.

You may use these in any personal or commercial project but they are not to be resold or distributed in their original state - in other words, if you make an image from these and want to sell said image, that's fine. But you cannot just sell the images on their own.

Click here to go to that page and download:

Gingerbread resource pack

Rose patterns - wow!

A wonderful set of Rose patterns for use on fabric or wallpaper textures or even for website and clothing design. All textures are 512x512 pixels and come in a range of colors that most rainbows would envy.

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Cherry seamless patterns

Fantastic cherry patterns for use on backgrounds, artistry, clothing designs or scrapbooking. Seamless tiling patterns in red and in pink against black and white background. Cherries are also included in PSD format on a transparent background for use as accents in your work. Originally created in Illustrator.

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cherry seamless pattern tiling texture fruit red pink black white CHERRY cheri lolita sexy chery

Asphalt Styles

This is for all of you Road Warriors out there! 12 Photoshop styles in gritty asphalt and blacktop essence. Perfect for any project requiring a rough and tough texture or a road.

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This is where all of the gallery items go.


Silk and Satin Tutorial:


13 Fur Brushes that will make that teddy bear painting so much easier. From drawing wolves to rendering the neighbors cat the brushes included in this kit are an absolute must!

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Arctic Gale Brushes: Photoshop snowflake brushes, cloud brushes and ice brushes

These Photoshop brushes are great for anything you have to winterize or freeze. Frost and ice dynamic brushes along with snowflakes with super realistic scattering effects. Also included are several DYNAMIC Cloud brushes which are great for creating storms, whisps and other weather related phenomenon.

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Click on the image below to see examples of the brush.