Rose patterns - wow!

A wonderful set of Rose patterns for use on fabric or wallpaper textures or even for website and clothing design. All textures are 512x512 pixels and come in a range of colors that most rainbows would envy.

Only $7.00 for the entire set!!!

Cherry seamless patterns

Fantastic cherry patterns for use on backgrounds, artistry, clothing designs or scrapbooking. Seamless tiling patterns in red and in pink against black and white background. Cherries are also included in PSD format on a transparent background for use as accents in your work. Originally created in Illustrator.

Only $5.00 for the set.
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cherry seamless pattern tiling texture fruit red pink black white CHERRY cheri lolita sexy chery

Asphalt Styles

This is for all of you Road Warriors out there! 12 Photoshop styles in gritty asphalt and blacktop essence. Perfect for any project requiring a rough and tough texture or a road.

Only $3.00

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