Photoshop Totally HOT Car Paint Styles

Today I saw a tutorial on how to make car paint materials for 3DS Max and thought "Gee - why should 3D artists have all the fun?"

So I went and made some really cool Car Paint styles that all of you can use in your designs etc.  There are 17 different styles in this pack and they look smokin!  Very glossy, very iridescent rainbow-y kinda paint effect.  I think they will work well for just about any car site or futuristic interface.  The sky's the limit.

Have fun with them and please share your creations.  I would love to see what people make from them.  They are free to use both commercially and personal use - however, if you want to share the love LINK to here and do not under any circumstances redistribute without my express permission (otherwise I'll send the Photoshop gremlins to get you).

You may download them here:  CarPaint Styles by Suztv

Tornado preset for Particular 2 in After Effects

This is something that I've been working on over the past year or so (just on and off, between projects etc).  I've seen a few other tutorials and presets on twisters but really nothing out there that is easily modifiable or accessible by others.  Well I'm sharing this and I hope that most of you get some use out of it.  Obviously you'll have to tweak the files to suit your needs and probably add on some effects to make it more realistic but its better than starting from nothing.  The file is in both CS4 and CS5 After Effects and uses Particular 2.0

Please feel free to link back if you use the preset/pre-comp in a project of yours. I would love to see it.

You can get the files by clicking here:  Tornado CS4  - or - Tornado CS5

Leather Styles and Brushes

Hello all!  I've created a fantastic bunch of styles and brushes - this time Leather is the theme.  I think I was inspired by the movie "True Grit" that is out right now.

Obviously I love the old version with John Wayne but the remake should be pretty good.  In any case I created these so that you can create a really worn and leathery feel to your type, object or if you want you can use the brushes and make backgrounds or use the for your texturing needs in 3D etc.

Let me know if you like them or if you can - please post a comment with a link to your creations that you make.

These styles and brushes were made in CS5 - so I have no idea if they work in previous versions of Photoshop but normally they should work for versions as far back as CS1.

Click to download Leather styles and brushes:

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Photoshop Style-a-thon

Ok for the past two months I've been on some kind of a Photoshop-Addiction-to-styles-kick.  If you follow me on Twitter, Deviant Art, Brusheezy, Facebook etc you'd know this.  However I've been rather remiss on updating that information here.  SO - that's what you're getting now. I've created so many styles that it's a little hard to keep track but here it goes.

Planetary Styles - 

I think that I came up with these as a result of watching the Discovery Channel too much.  Something that I like to do is try to accomplish styles or elements that aren't often done but are needed.  I'm sure other graphic designers have done this or have similar styles but I really haven't seen them made available.  In this pack there are a few cool ones, my favorite being the Moon and Mars Styles.  I cannot take credit for all of the textures though - some of them are from wikipedia (which I modified in Photoshop so that they would tile seamlessly) and others are from this kick-ass site: I've only used the smaller versions of the texture maps for the planet so if you need larger image maps of the planets this site has them.  If you want to download the Planetary Styles - click here: Planetary Styles by Suztv

Fancy Candy Styles - 

One of the reasons I came up with this style is that although you can find a plethora of "candy" or "glossy" styles for Photoshop - NOT one of them has the type of texture that you see on a candy cane or the fancy ribbon candy.  This is what makes it LOOK like candy in my opinion - otherwise it could be glass, plastic or gel.  I have the entire set of the Fancy Candy Styles available on Deviant art and Brusheezy and you can download and use for personal or commercial projects.  As with all of my creation I just ask that if you want to share that you pass on the link and do not redistribute the items.  If you want to download Fancy Candy Styles - click here:  Fancy Candy Styles by Suztv

Ashes and Coals - 

This style was created because I've been spending a lot of time in front of the fireplace and I have needed this type of effect several times in the past.  Well, while stoking the coals it dawned on me that I could create a style for Photoshop by doing a few minor things and voila!  Ashes and Coals was created.  I think the styles themselves are pretty well done and should suit most of your backyard barbecue flyer needs or if you need some Yuletide log website graphics these might just be what Santa ordered.  Of course they are free and you may use them for private OR commercial projects.  Download here: Ashes and Coals Styles by Suztv

Broken Glass - 

Doing broken glass was more of an endeavor into experimentation than anything.  It wasn't like I sat down in front of the computer and said "Hey I want to make broken glass photoshop styles today."  Nope - didn't happen like that at all.  What really did occur was that I was perusing and found some broken glass images that I thought were cool and then wondered if I could create a style that everyone could use that emulated that look.  Well I did and there it is.  I think the style is pretty good for not having too many revisions - trust me usually I revise and revise again most of the styles that I publish.  So it's a bit of a miracle if one gets done without being re-worked. If you think you like it and want to use it please go ahead and download the style here: Broken Glass by Suztv

TireTread -

This style was something born of pure frustration.  Mainly because I've been asked to create tire tread and textures etc.  There are plenty of "Tire" pictures out there, and plenty of brushes - that you have to pay for or can't use commercially.  Which sucks, I mean jeesh - most designers are just trying to get the job done without paying through the nose for stock or a brush or whatevs.  I made this to fill the gap and establish some sort of element or asset that designers could use for those odd projects that called for Tire Tread.  You can download the Tire Tread here:  Tire Tread by Suztv

Bread - 

The bread style came about much the same way Tire Tread did - not enough resources available to designers that have the interior of bread or sliced bread looking texture.  So I made this style.  Hopefully I'll continue the bread styles and complete it out with different types - right now its just one style that looks sort of like homemade sourdough or white bread.  Download here:  Bread PS Style by Suztv

Fried Egg - 

I think I was hungry when I initially started in on this one.  It took me about 4 hours to figure out how to accomplish the style without using a texture - that's right, there is NO texture associated with this style. Which I think is sorta cool.  I think it could be fun to use on menu's or for other graphics (not sure what right now it's more of a novelty than anything).  Anyway, I was planning on making a "Bacon" style but I thought that might be a little much - I might change my mind though.  Download the Fried Egg Style by Suztv

Sandstone - 

This style was created much like broken glass style - just perusing the internet.  I saw some images that reminded me of Sandstone and wanted to make it so that you could apply that look to backgrounds, text and objects with a click or two.  I used textures from to create the tiling texture and I incorporated some lovely gradients and coloring - all of this adds up to a Sandstone emulation that looks like it belongs in a Sundries shoppe.  Download SandStone PS Style by Suztv

Coral - 

Have you ever wanted/needed your text to look like coral?  Or have you ever needed Coral elements in your composition?  Yes?  Well then you might want to try these out.  I was inspired by the SandStone styles so much that Coral was created shortly thereafter.  I think it looks remarkably like coral that you find washed up on beaches and in Sundries shoppes.  There are a few different coloration's that come with the style - however feel free and color it up using the color overlay or gradient overlay - either one looks great! Download Coral Photoshop Style by Suztv


I think I've wanted to do this one for a while.  For some reason though I didn't - and not because I didn't know how, I just got caught up with other things and it always took a back seat to other projects.  Well a truly boring day solved that little problem.  I used some textures from and modified them as well as using ZBrush for some of this.  What you have in the pack are copper/brass looking heated metal styles that look good on thick or heavy fonts at least 100 pixels in height.  I think there are a lot of uses for this style and being that it is on a very popular topic I expect it to be a favorite for quite some time. Download Steampunk Photoshop Styles by Suztv

Quilted -

After creating all of these styles I was sorta just thinking about what else should be made but hasn't been done yet.  It dawned on me that there is a definite need for "quilted" or embossed diamond styles.  Yes - I've actually tried to modify someone elses texture and use it in my comps or designs but they never really looked quite right to me.  So after about 2-3 hours of messing with tiling textures and messing with the glossyness of the style and the curves associated with the gloss and contour I came up with these.  I don't know why but in this pack there are so many colors - I guess I was inspired?  I think that at times I overdo it but at least there are more to choose from.  Download Quilted Photoshop Styles by Suztv

Carved Gemstone - 

Have you ever wanted a carved jade or sun-stone element for your designs?  Or how about Turquoise?  Actually I have needed this look several times.  I took the knowledge that I have from doing bump-maps for 3D textures in 3DS Max and other programs and I applied it to the styles.  I think it turned out really fabulous.  I mean the glossiness, the delicate nature and the intricate carved design all make it seem that those really are made of Jade, Sun-stone and Turquoise (to name a few).  Download Carved Gemstone Photoshop Styles by Suztv

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