Pictures of Kittens

That's right! Here are some really awesome Pictures of Kittens.

My cat recently gave birth to some kittens who are super cute and very photogenic. I'm selling the pack of images for $8.00.  Buy Now

Here's an example of the images in the pack - this one is low resolution but all of the pics in the pack are 3000x1995.  If you need larger, contact me and I'll be happy to send you the larger format once you've purchased the pack. You are free to use these images for commercial projects (ads, posters, t-shirts, reference etc).  However, you may NOT redistribute the images without my consent.

Here's the thumbnail sheet:

If you have issues buying the pack or need help - please comment here or email me.

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Game of Thorns

I came up with the concept of this for a T-Shirt Contest. However, it never quite made it to the finals.  So I've put it up on Deviant art so you can purchase some different items if you are into the show and want a play on words art piece.

Yes, it's based on the Game of Thrones character Cersei and her thorny disposition.  

Game of Thorns
Game of Thorns

Here's the link to the Deviant Art segment 
if you wish to purchase any prints:  Game of Thorns by Suztv

Cthulhu Kitty

If you're into Elder Gods in cute furry mode - then you might like Cthulhu Kitty. It has the essence of the Lovecraftian god but with a twist of being four legged, furry.  Still has tentacles and bat wings though - I tried to stay true to the visage.

I drew this on a whim and found the result to be pretty satisfying.  He is cute with a touch of gore (notice the ripped out tongue he's stomped on).  

Cthulhu Kitty
Cthulhu Kitty

If you're interested in purchasing a T-Shirt or other items
please visit my RedBubble shop here: Suztv Cthulhu Kitty