A big social thank-you

I wanted to do a quick blog post and thank those that have given me the most support.  As you can see from my blogger analytics report certain sites have referred more traffic than anyone else.  Aside from Google organic search (that's my penchant for using the correct keywords) - these people are primarily responsible for my blog getting noticed.  I cannot say thank you enough and trust me I have supported your sites as well. Beyond the occasional tweet I often forward your .com address to other people I know because you are a great resource.

Top Supporters for Suztv blogspot are:

deviantart community
and the cgsociety forums.

Thanks so much for making me feel important!

What other artists can take away from this article is that certain venues help artists and they should be subscribing/joining those sites.  If you make tutorials, resources or write articles that deal with any aspect of the design community then the sites I've listed are your best friends outside of using proper SEO.

Photoshop digital painting: satin or silk tutorial

Photoshop 3D parchment scroll - Freebie

Photoshop 3D scroll object

I've created a new freebie download for all of you parchment/scoll fans.  There are two files included in the freebie for you to use.  One is a layered Photoshop file with 3 separate 3D renderings of the parchment scroll I created for my Medieval Armor Styles ad and the other is an actual 3D Photoshop file of the parchment scroll.  The Photoshop 3D file is awesome because you can use it in a variety of ways - turn it, flip it, change the texture, change the color etc.  I think that you'll probably find lots of uses.

Photoshop layered file - scrolls
All that I request in return for this fabulous download is that you share to download.  Not a big ask - and really very painless.  Remember though that although these are free to use for your designs commercially and personal use - you aren't allowed to redistribute.  What that means is you cannot host the files or give them away via other means (copy onto a drive, create a bit torrent) without my permission.

Click here to tweet and download the awesome parchment file:

Here's a video that I created that will give you a few tips and tricks so that you'll know how to manipulate the scroll for your designs:

Don't miss out on some of the other great layer styles and brushes available on my blog: