Freebie After Effects Hologram Preset

Just finished this preset/pre-comp and felt the need to share the love.  Download at will and please let your friends know!  Send them the link to this blog.  :)

Download Hologram

Free Download Photoshop 3D Text - Well, almost...

Ok kids - I saw something similar to this on a few blog posts and tutorial how to's etc.  It's a way to create 3D text in Photoshop without actually using 3D.

The trick to the "3D" in this is more about trompe l'oeil than anything else.  It isn't true 3d - it is just correctly positioned layers with shading that makes your eye think there is a 3rd dimension.  To edit the text - just type on the layer etc. Nothing to it really and it really isn't that special.  Obviously if you use larger or smaller text you will have to increase or decrease the layer styles accordingly.

As usual you may use these for personal and commercial endeavors - BUT, do NOT redistribute without express written permission.   

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