10 Super Moon Resource Round-Up

Today is Super-Moon day!  In that vein I'm posting some great Moon texture image and video resources that you can use to create Moon designs and other such constelletory things.

1. PlanetPixelEmporium

This site rocks - you can get lunar textures of our beloved satellite for free in different sizes as well as the bump maps.  This is a great resource for 3D, Photoshop and general CG use.

2. Celestiamotherlode.net

Another great site not only for moon textures but other planetary textures.  Several different types of textures are available for download.  This resource is a fabulous find for all things lunar.

3. NOAA.gov:

Of course the government has image maps of all the different planets.  The moon is no different.  This texture is pretty good - however not the highest resolution.  But still useful if you just need a texture map for your moon and don't need the high resolution detail.

4. Planetaryvisions.com:  

This site is a royalty free texture site for planets and other space worthy image texture files. These textures are free to try out and free for personal or non-commercial use; but for commercial use there are license fees.  That being said, I feel that it is one of the most comprehensive resources for this type of resource.  They have really taken the time and effort in creating Hi-definition texture maps that when used properly should give the correct amount of detail even when creating a close flyby scene.

5. ApolloImageArchive:  

I cannot say how great these images are - if you are creating your own textures and need assets, this is such a great resource. You can click on any of the images and zoom in to such detail.  I can imagine ALL sorts of uses for these images and I'm not even trying.  You could make your own tiling texture, styles, use the images for composite work, create your own lunar texture for a planetary system elsewhere.  The possibilities are quite numerous.  Arizona State Apollo Image Archive

6. Morguefile.com:  

I love morguefile.com.  It is probably the one site I go to to find general images for use in creating texture or background.  The amount of photos on the site is astounding and the fact that you can use the imagery for free for commercial projects makes it that much better.

7. GraphicRiver:

Yeah I know it's not free, but the texture that this person created is pretty sweet and if you're in a pinch for time, $2 is better than creating a texture and having to eat up valuable design time.  Trust me I know - just purchase the cheap texture and move forward with your project you'll be much better off in the long run.  Here's another one I found that is a little different but still quite useful: Going to the moon

8. Deviant Art

I think that if anything a lot of artists owe their livelihood, knowledge and love of art to DeviantArt.  This site is the absolute bomb when it comes to content and resources.  Just look at the available resources listed under "moon".  Great find - however, please do pay attention to the type of rights listed for each listing.  Some deviants are more charitable than others and it is important that you respect their rights as artists.

9. Photoshop Brushes:  

There are so many sites devoted to Photoshop brushes out there that I felt just listing the top 5 that I liked would be the best way to give you what you needed:

10. Moon Videos

There really isn't that much out there for free but feel free to peruse the Archive.org files or some of the NASA files.  If anything they are quite interesting.  Of course in Photoshop you could always just create your own animation.  Or better yet - get that phone, camera or video camera out this evening and take some really great video yourself.

Apollo Moonwalk

Super Secret 11th resource:

I wouldn't be giving myself enough credit if I didn't at least call out my own work and freebie asset:

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