Dragons, dragons and more... Dragons

 Here there be DRAGONS!

I went through and combed as many fairy tale books for them as I could (Hundreds, yes hundreds and hundreds of them).  I captured them where I could and I cleaned them up and created a Photoshop brush set for everyone to use. 

I've been going through all the fairy tale books and botany, apothecary, ashmole, encyclopedias and other informative texts from the 1400's to the late 1800's.
Is there such a thing as digital mold? Because after looking at these old texts with mold spots I swear I can smell it...

Some of the images are just absolutely stunning! Arthur Rackham is one of the artists whose dragon images graced Andrew Langs Fairy books, but there are others as well. I've labeled the drawings as best as I could - so if you like you can go find that book on Archive.org and see more of the work done by the artists at that time.  But if all you want are scaley, cranky, yellow eyed, lizard-like, winged creatures who hoard gold, then you're in luck!  These brushes should work with most versions of Photoshop, but if you have issues - comment below and I'll see what I can do.

The only thing that I ask is that you pay with a tweet or Google Plus or Facebook post. I'm not charging for these as they are public domain. You can find ALL of them on Archive.org..

Click here to get the download after you spread the word:

Below are the thumbnails of the dragon brushes - these are 1/4 the size of the actual brushes:

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