Free Greeble Photoshop styles you want, mmm?

These just about killed me.  Seriously.  I had to go through a lot of discovery processes before finding something that actually looked correct in Photoshop and as a style.  I will tell you that there aren't nearly enough tech shapes out there - at least rectangular or square.  Plenty of circles tho.  I did find a process in ZBrush that let me create the greeble texture.  But that was at 1AM this morning and after discovering it I found that my eyes would not stay open so I had to continue that this morning.

Anyway - I hope you ca get some use outta these.  Obviously they look best against a dark background (like space - go figure) but use as you see fit. 

Same stipulation as always - use for personal or commercial projects (t-shirts, bags, totes, a poster, you sig or website) but you are NOT allowed to redistribute in any way shape or form.

Download Greeble Styles here: 

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