I'm so excited! (Firebrushes for Photoshop)

The other day while perusing the internet (something I do frequently - go figure), I decided to take a look at how my brushes on Brusheezy were doing.  I was impressed and somewhat satisfied with most of the numbers (3k, 5k, 10k) until I looked at the total downloads of my firebrush set.

Wow!  Holy cow, just WOW!  Over 90k!!!  That was just flat out cool as hell to me.

Originally I had created the set because I noticed that although there were "fire" brushes - none of them were dynamic and pretty much were useless to those of us trying to "paint" a scene and I wanted to sell them and possibly make a few dollars here and there (the asking price was $3.00).  However that plan changed when I found out that someone had ripped the brushes and were offering them for free on a virus/trojan laden site.  Soooo - I decided that I would offer the set for free.  Not just because the brushes were ripped, I wanted to circumvent anyone from downloading them and then getting their system infected by a virus and then associating my work with that problem.  Also it was the right thing to do.

I would absolutely love it if those brushes were downloaded over 100k - possibly by next year?  That would be awesomesauce!  So peeps if you know an artist that works in Photoshop or if you are an artist and have friends in the industry - please pass along this link.

Suztv Firebrushes for Photoshop

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